Team Resources

“Utilizing a team teaches you how to drop the blinders,” said Mark Mosemann, a partner at Misty Mountain Dairy LLC in Warfordsburg, Pa. “So often on the dairy we can get tunnel vision. Bringing that outside perspective into your dairy helps you look beyond your own vision and thought process to find the best solution possible.”

Establishing a Dairy Profit, Transition or Transformation Team can help your dairy farm business get the right people around the table to troubleshoot bottlenecks, identify opportunities and ultimately make better business decisions.

To Get You Started: Many of your questions about the form and functions of a team can be answered through a quick review of the two following power point programs.

  1. Training Slide Presentation –If you are in the process of launching a team and would like some insight on how to get started, this slide presentation offers tips and suggestions for team planning and meeting management.
  2. Mid Year Training Presentation — For those teams that want to have a refresher, here is a presentation from Penn State Extension and the center on keeping your team full steam ahead.

What You Need to Know: Properly planning the agenda, establishing ground rules and knowing what expenses can be reimbursed are all important to maintaining to the momentum of your team. Click below to get insight on each of these areas.

  1. Establishing Ground Rules — Making sure your team members know your expectations is a critical ingredient to a successful strategy for any team. Click here for answers to frequently asked questions. 
  2. Planning the Agenda — Keeping your team on task starts with a well planned agenda. Here is a sample of how a team meeting could be structured. Click here for an agenda template.
  3. Getting Reimbursed — Teams must complete a reimbursement expense form to be reimbursed. Meeting minutes must be submitted with the form. To see an example of how a reimbursement form should be completed, click here.

Insights for Your Journey: