Support PA Dairy Farms: Buy Local and Real

Pennsylvania’s dairy farm families are truly something to treasure. They bring an abundant supply of wholesome, high quality dairy products to the table. In addition, they are the backbone of Pennsylvania’s rural communities, providing valuable economic revenue and good jobs for their neighbors and others across the Commonwealth.

Support your local dairy farm neighbors by making sure you are choosing local and real dairy products for your family. Whether it is at your local farm market, grocery store or superstore, real Pennsylvania dairy products can be found anywhere. You just need to know what to look for when you are purchasing product.

Buy Real

Real dairy products often include the Real Seal, shown here. If you can’t find the Real Seal, read the label and the ingredients in the product. Real milk from dairy cows offers the most complete nutritional package available naturally in any food. It offers a unique blend of nine essential nutrients that both adults and children need for healthy bodies and minds.

Alternative, plant-based beverages like the so-called Coconut and Almond Milks do not offer as complete a nutritional package and are not a natural food, but are synthesized through a chemical process. To learn more, click here.

Buy Local

Milk is often produced less than 100 miles from where it is sold. But, in some cases, retailers have chosen to distribute milk produced outside the state to consolidate their supply chain. This has challenged both the Pennsylvania-based dairy processors bottling the milk and the dairy farms producing that milk. The best way to support Pennsylvania dairy farmers is by making sure you are purchasing milk and dairy products produced locally.

The PA-Preferred label is one way to know the products you are purchasing come from Pennsylvania’s dairy farm families. Look for the PA Preferred label on the dairy products you buy and know that the milk in those products originated on a Pennsylvania dairy farm and was produced with care by their family for your family.

If you cannot find the PA Preferred label, another way to know that the milk originated in Pennsylvania or nearby is by looking at the plant code found on the label. The plant code is the five-digit number found either on the label or at the top of the carton container. If it was bottled in Pennsylvania, that code would start with “42.” If you want to know specifically what plant your milk comes from, you can go to and actually put in the code.