Share Your Dairy Story

The average consumer – our non-farm neighbors – know very little about dairy farming and the value it provides to the local community and to their lives. Yet, to some degree, the future of the dairy industry depends on their confidence in our products and in our industry. The Center for Dairy Excellence has developed a variety of resources to educate local consumers about the value of the dairy industry. To help you reach your non-farm neighbors, we offer educational materials free of charge.

  • The “Something to Treasure” brochure and poster, educating community leaders, non-farm neighbors and others about the many contributions dairy farm families make to their community.
  • The “Dairy’s Economic Impact” white paper, showcasing the value that dairy brings to a community. This was recently updated with 2014 statistics.
  • The “Discover Dairy” Farmer Toolkit, complete with a farm tour guide and other resources. A Community Event Planning Toolkit with both Discover Dairy and “Your Milk Comes from a Good Place” messages is also available.
  • Help with a tailored farm brochure. To request this, simply contact Jayne Sebright at 717-346-0849 or email

All of these resources can be ordered from the Center for Dairy Excellence at no cost. Click here to access the order form. For additional promotional materials available from the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association, visit

Marilyn Hershey, Ar-Joy Farms, Cochranville, Chester County

Marilyn Hershey, Ar-Joy Farms, Cochranville, Chester County

“If we want the community to embrace us as farmers and want them to accept our farming practices, we have to earn their respect. Communications is probably one of the biggest keys to earning that respect.”