Share Dairy’s Value

The benefits of Pennsylvania’s dairy industry go far beyond the refrigerator, to the tune of nearly $7 billion in economic revenue for the state’s economy.

Dairy farm families: Share your dairy story with members in your community — neighbors, community leaders, policy makers and others. Take advantage of the center’s resources to share the benefits of dairy.

Community Leaders: Let us help you understand the value that dairy brings to your neighborhood. Next time you drive past a dairy farm, think outside the milk carton and see how much that farm helps strengthen your community.

Dairy provides good jobs for the community, green spaces for the environment and locally-produced dairy products for the marketplace. Pennsylvania’s 6,720 dairy farm families bring local revenue to neighboring businesses and support more than 60,000 jobs across the commonwealth.

Lolly Lesher, Way-Har Farms, Bernville, Berks County

Lolly Lesher, Way-Har Farms, Bernville, Berks County

“Dairy farms are an important part of the local fabric of the community. We provide fresh, wholesome milk to our neighbors at an incredible value. They benefit from our recycling, the open space our farms create, and from our stewardship of the land.”