Safety Corner

September: Take Stress Out of Equation

240_f_112863384_h7zkyr9lvauu7hlzr11vuoxrymezgc1d-1Chris Waddell, a partner at Apple Shamrock Farms in Townville, Pa., shared simple things her family did to take stress out of the equation in traditionally high stress situations. With the corn harvesting season now finishing up, the Waddells rented large lights to light the silage unloading and bunker areas on the farm to provide plenty of light for those who were working with trucks and tractors moving in and out very quickly.

She also added that the family took a dairy cow to the fair this year that was higher strung than normal and not trained as well. Her son Josh took the initiative to have extra people lined up to help with that animal in case she got out of control. Also, the animal began to get out of control in the showring, he simply pulled her out of the ring because it wasn’t worth risking anyone’s safety.