Safety Corner

Work Safe Web50_0Welcome to the Safety Corner. Every day, more than 240 agricultural workers and farm employees suffer a serious lost-work-time injury. Five percent of these injuries result in permanent impairment, with the fatality rate for agricultural workers seven times higher than all workers in private industry. The statistics are alarming. It’s important we all do our part to make safety a priority on the farm.

The Center for Dairy Excellence, Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania and Penn State Extension Dairy Team are partnering to share a “Safety Share” each month to remind producers and others in agriculture of how closely we have all come to tragic accidents on the farm. Share these with those you work with and encourage them to stop and think before they do something that could risk injury or, even worse, their life.

July: Take A Break For Your Safety

An accident can be caused by you or another due to lack of sleep or overworking. Avoid a near miss or an accident by getting the proper amount of sleep and rest.

For Zahncroft Dairy, an employee had a near miss due to not having enough rest. While operating heavy machinery, an employee started drifting off and falling asleep.

Instead of trying to power through, he set an alarm on his phone and took a short nap.  After the nap, he felt in a better position to operate equipment. Instead of feeling like he had to keep going, he recognized that it was not safe to continue without some rest.

If it means safety for you and your surroundings, remember to take a break to reset.