Dairy Information: Protecting Your Profits

The Center for Dairy Excellence offers several information resources to help producers identify opportunities to protect their profits. These documents are reviewed on a monthly “Protecting Your Profits” conference call. Click here to access the latest “Protecting Your Profits” Webinar.

Pennsylvania Dairy Industry Performance Scorecard: The Center for Dairy Excellence publishes a monthly “PA Dairy Industry Performance Scorecard,” which looks at key factors supporting the growth of Pennsylvania’s dairy industry and evaluates trends affecting Pennsylvania’s dairy farms.

  • Pennsylvania’s dairy cow numbers have not changed for eighteen months.
  • These 530,000 cows averaged 61.2 pounds per cow per day in October compared to 62.3 lbs. / day in in October 2014
  • Average wholesale milk price surpassed $19.00 but it is 26% below last October
  • Feed costs are slightly higher than the past two Octobers but margins are lower.
  • Pennsylvania dairy cows are steadily increasing component production
  • October pregnancy rates are 1.5% lower than October 2014, but 1.5% higher than October 2013.
  • Both somatic cell count and calving age continue to decline
  • Cull rates are increasing compared to last year and last spring.

Protecting Your Profits ScorecardTo provide an overview of the national dairy industry, with consumption, marketing and production trends, the center publishes the monthly “Protecting Your Profits” scorecard.

  • The September MPP margin came in at $8.95.
  • Tighter margins are dropping the number of dairy cows in the U.S. to 9.31million from their May peak of 9.323 million.
  • Slaughter numbers are above than last September but just over the three year average and less than September 2012 & 2013.
  • Total milk production and production per cow grew slightly over last September.
  • There is more butter in inventories than last year but not as much as 2012 & 2013.
  • Cheese and nonfat dry milk inventories are both well over their 3 year average.
  • The spike in CME butter prices has pulled the October Class IV price up to the $16.50 neighborhood in spite of powder prices that are at 2009 levels.
  • The value of U.S. dairy exports is 15% under the three year averge at July 2012 values.

To read the “Forensics of a Crash” presented by Tim Hunt at the annual meeting of US Dairy Export Council, click here. 

Alan Zepp, the center’s risk management program manager, reviews both of these scorecards monthly during his “Protecting Your Profits” calls. The calls are held the last Wednesday of every month. Click here to access a recording of the latest call.