PA Preferred in Dairy Grant Opportunity

CDE_splat_cling2 (3)The Center for Dairy Excellence is partnering with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Bureau of Market Development to offer grants to promote and market locally-produced dairy products designated as PA Preferred. The goal of the program is to leverage partnerships with dairy processors and retailers to bring additional marketing and promotion support while promoting the PA Preferred program.

Offer: Program includes two grant opportunities.

  1. Up to four (4) $2,500 grants are available for first-time participants from the Center for Dairy Excellence to support marketing and/or promotion efforts that align with PA Preferred messages.
  2. Up to ten (10) $1,000 grants are available for participants who received a grant in 2015-16 from the Center for Dairy Excellence to support marketing and/or promotion efforts that align with PA Preferred.

Guidelines: Dairies applying for the grant opportunity must meet the following criteria:

  1. To qualify, the dairy or retail outlet must complete an application and submit it to the Center for Dairy Excellence, along with a one-page synopsis describing how the funds will be expended and what the expected outcomes are as a result of the investment. The grants available on a first-come, first-serve basis, as long as all qualifications are met in the application.
  2. Any qualifying dairy or retail venue must have milk labeled as PA Preferred. Applicants must be current PA Preferred member in good standing with licensing and food safety.
  3. Activities must be marketing or promotional effort that includes PA Preferred component. Ideally, it must also include a “from your local farmer” message.
  4. Activities could include: a. Labeling changes b. Point of Sale Pieces c. Print ads or circular placements d. Decals for delivery or shipping vehicles e. Radio or other forms of advertising f. Others subject to review, including social media campaign and/or school education promotion materials.
  5. Direct cost associated with the activity must be equal or greater to the total of the grant. Grants will be paid as a reimbursement once the activity is completed and the invoice is submitted to the Center for Dairy Excellence. Along with an invoice, a summary described below must also be submitted for final reimbursement.
  6. Upon completion, the dairy or retail venue must be willing to submit photos or examples of the marketing activity and a one-page summary of the activity and what impact it made in their stores or related to sales. Results do not have to correspond with increased sales. However, if there is any increase in sales associated with the activity, it should be documented in the summary.
  7. Activities must be completed between July 1, 2016, and May 31, 2017, to qualify.

To learn more or download an application, click here. To learn more about the program, contact Myrannda Kleckner at (717) 346-0849 or by email at