November 7, 2018: Dairy Business Improvement & Planning Conference

Penn State Extension’s Dairy Business Improvement & Planning Conference provides an opportunity for participants to better understand the current state of the industry from industry experts, take a glimpse into the future, and learn how other producers found success by developing their own plan and taking action.

Sound business and management plans are essential elements of any successful dairy enterprise, especially one that intends to remain viable, profitable, and competitive well into the future.

Growth of a dairy business typically involves a significant investment. Is it feasible now or can the business be positioned to make it achievable in the future? Lower cost alternatives might include improving cow health and performance, adopting new technologies, better use of labor, or diversification.

Their event will provide the opportunity, information, and tools for participants to take a realistic look at their business, consider alternatives, and take steps to develop their own unique formula for success.

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