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June 18, 2018: June ‘Protecting Your Profits’ Call to be Held

Column: What Constraints and Opportunities Exist in Strengthening Pennsylvania’s Dairy Industry?

June 11, 2018: Celebrate and Appreciate at Dairy Producer Appreciation Picnic

May 29, 2018: June 1 Deadline for Student Leader Scholarship Applications

May 29, 2018: Purchase Your Tickets to Toast to Dairy and Celebrate the Next Generation

May 15, 2018: Center Foundation and Dairymen’s Offering Scholarships

May 1, 2018: Celebrate the Next Generation with A Toast to Dairy

April 16, 2018: April Protecting Your Profits Call to be Held

April 12, 2018: Center Adds Roundtable Meeting in Carlisle

April 2, 2018: Center Hosting Roundtables on Dairy Dynamics and Wellness

March 26, 2018: Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships Available for High School Seniors

March 26, 2018: 2018 Student Leadership Scholarship Applications Available to Undergraduate Students

March 21, 2018: March ‘Protecting Your Profits’ Call to be Held

March 15, 2018: Deadline Approaching for Creamery Ice Cream Trail Interest

March 13, 2018: Wellness Resources Available Through the Center

March 12, 2018: Attend an Environmental Compliance Plan Writing Workshop

March 8, 2018: Center to Host Roundtables on Dairy Dynamics, Health and Wellness

February 28, 2018: Register to Attend Dairy Transition Workshop

February 28, 2018: Producers Recognized and Welcomed to Serving on Center Board

February 26, 2018: 2018 Dairy Industry Award Recipients Named at Pa. Dairy Summit

February 13, 2018: Register for an Environmental Planning Workshop

February 13, 2018: February PYP Call to be Held

January 31, 2018: PA Preferred Creameries Needed for Statewide Program

January 30, 2018: Calving Corner Recognizes Event Sponsors

January 30, 2018: Dairy Transition Workshop Registration Available

January 23, 2018: Center Offering On-Farm Resource Teams, Applications Available

January 23, 2018: Environmental Planning Workshops Being Held Throughout Pennsylvania

January 17, 2018: January ‘Protecting Your Profits’ Call to be Held

January 2, 2018: Dairy Study Points to Incentives in Additional Dairy Processing

December 19, 2017: Kleckner Hired as Center’s Communications and Marketing Manager

December 11, 2017:  Center Seeks Applicants for Summer 2018 Internship

December 5, 2017: Calving Corner Training Session on December 12

December 5, 2017: Dairymen’s, Foundation Offering Scholarships to Cornerstone Academy

December 4, 2017: Scholarships Available for 2018 Pa. Dairy Summit

November 28, 2017: Register for December Roundtable Meetings

November 28, 2017: Calving Corner Call for Volunteers

November 15, 2017: December 1 Deadline for Industry Award Nominations

November 8, 2017: Center Foundation Launches New Discover Dairy Website

November 7, 2017: Dairy Producers, Professionals Invited to Roundtable Meetings

November 6, 2017: Center Offers On-Farm Resource Team Grants

November 6, 2017: Center Foundation EITC Request Approved

October 16, 2017: October ‘Protecting Your Profits’ Call to be Held

October 16, 2017: Industry Award Nominations Sought by November 15

October 11, 2017: Center Foundation Recognizes Divine Dairy Affair Supporters

October 9, 2017: Enrollment Open for 2018 On-Farm Internship Program

October 9, 2017: Dairy Financial Conference Offers Insight to Industry

October 3, 2017: Center for Dairy Excellence Seeking Applicants for Summer 2018 Internship

September 18, 2017: September ‘Protecting Your Profits’ Call to be Held

September 13, 2017: Nominate Individuals for PA Dairy Industry Awards

September 12, 2017: Register for Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Fall Farm Tour

August 28, 2017:  Producers and Representatives Invited to Listening Sessions

August 28, 2017:  September 7 Deadline to Register for Dairy Financial Conference

August 28, 2017:  September 15 is Deadline to Nominate Someone for Center Board

August 15, 2017:  Promote Dairy Education Programs in the 2017-18 School Year


August 10, 2017: Dairy Producers and Representatives Invited to Dairy Study Listening Sessions

August 8, 2017: Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Student Scholars Named

August 8, 2017: 2017 Student Leader Scholarship Recipients Named

August 7, 2017: Producer, Industry Study Highlight Dairy Financial Conference

August 7, 2017: Center, PDMP and Dairymen’s Seeking Industry Award Nominations

July 25, 2017: Adopt-A-Cow Enrollment Begins August 1

July 19, 2017: Dairy Financial Conference Registration Available

July 18, 2017: Ag Progress Days Dairy Industry Breakfast

July 18, 2017: Center ‘Protecting Your Profits’ Call to be Held

July 6, 2017: Center Seeks Nominees for Board of Director Role

June 19, 2017June Protecting Your Profits Call to be Held

June 19, 2017Let Your Voices be Heard through the Producer Survey

June 6, 2017July 1 Deadline Approaching for Dairy Farmers to Complete Producer Survey

June 6, 2017Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Students Explore Veterinary Medicine

June 6, 2017Center Foundation Grants Fund Dairy Farm Field Trips

May 15, 2017: May 24 ‘Protecting Your Profits’ Call Scheduled

May 9, 2017: Center Conducting Dairy Producer Survey

May 9, 2017: Discover Dairy Adopt-A-Cow Video Chats Hosted

May 1, 2017: Center Foundation and Dairyman’s Offer 10 $3,000 Scholarships

May 1, 2017: Registration Deadline May 8 for Center’s Mealtime Meetings

April 25, 2017: May 12 Application Deadline for Bovine Exploration Experience

April 25, 2017: Environmental Planning Grants Available to Beef and Dairy Farmers

April 18, 2017: April ‘Protecting Your Profits’ to be held

April 18, 2017: Dairy Industry Professionals Invited to Meet with Center

April 10, 2017: $30,000 in Student Scholarships Available to Dairy Youth 

April 4, 2017: Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Program Offers New “Exploration Experience” Series

March 14, 2017: March 22 Registration Deadline for Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Farm Tour

March 14, 2017: Dairy Industry Professionals invited to meet with Center  

February 28, 2017: Farm Tour to Showcase Southwest Pennsylvania Dairies for Future Dairy Leaders

February 28, 2017: Center Foundation and Dairymen’s Open 2017 Student Leader Scholarship Applications Up

February 17, 2017: Pennsylvania Dairy Industry Launches Dairy Cow Birthing Center Project, Hires Project Manager

February 17, 2017: Pre-recorded ‘Protecting Your Profits’ Call Posted

February 14, 2017: Center, Dairymen’s and PDMP Honor Pennsylvania Dairy Industry Leaders

February 13, 2017: Registration Fee Waived for Dairy Farm Transition Workshop

January 31, 2017: Kleckner selected as Center’s Dairy Education and Communications Intern.

January 31, 2017: Funding Temporarily Increased for Center’s Dairy Decision Consultant Grants

January 17, 2017: Protecting Your Profits Call to be Held

January 17, 2017: Dairy Decision Consultant Application Fee Waived through January 31

January 17, 2017: Dairy and Beef Centers For Excellence Offer Grants to Assist Farms with Environmental Baseline Compliance

January 10, 2017: PA Dairy Summit Registration Discounts Available for Dairy Farmers

December 20, 2016: Center Foundation Named Outstanding Cooperator to Agricultural Education

December 12, 2016: Protecting Your Profits Call to be Held December 21

November 28, 2016: Scholarships Available to Attend 2017 PA Dairy Summit

November 28, 2016: Dairy and Beef Centers for Excellence Announce Joint Initiative to Assist Farms with Environmental Baseline Compliance

November 22, 2016: Center Waives Dairy Decision Consultant Application Fee

November 22, 2016: December 5 Pre-Registration Deadline for Dairy Farmers to Meet with Center

November 8, 2016: Center Offers Dairy Farm Profit Team Grants

November 1, 2016: Registration Still Available for Dairy Farm Transition Workshop

November 1, 2016:  November 30 Registration Deadline for 2017 Summer On-Farm Student Internship

October 25, 2016: Donations to Center’s Foundation Endowment Fund an Investment in Pennsylvania’s Dairy Industry

October 25, 2016: November 15 Deadline for PA Dairy Industry Award Nominations

October 18, 2016: October 31 Deadline Approaching to Apply for Pennsylvania Dairy Cow Birthing Center Project Manager

October 18, 2016: On-Farm Processors Share Their Stories with Dairy Farmer Peers

October 18, 2016: Pennsylvania Dairy Farmers Invited to Meet with Center

October 18, 2016: October Protecting Your Profit Call to be Held

October 11, 2016: November 15 Nomination Deadline for Pa. Dairy Industry Awards

October 11, 2016: Center for Dairy Excellence Offers Scholarships for AgBiz Masters

October 11, 2016: Registration Deadline Approaching for Center and Penn State’s Dairy Transition Workshop

October 4, 2016: Center for Dairy Excellence Requests Nominations to Fill Open Seat on Board of Directors

October 4, 2016: Center for Dairy Excellence Seeks Applicants for Summer 2017 Internship

October 4, 2016: 2017 Summer On-Farm Student Internship Enrollment Now Open

October 4, 2016: October 19th Registration Deadline for Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Fall Farm Tour

September 27, 2016: October 10 Registration Deadline for Center’s On-Farm Processing Forum

September 27, 2016: Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation Recognizes On-Farm Dairy Internship Participants

September 27, 2016:  Center Offers Scholarships for Women in Dairy Conference

September 20, 2016:  Enrollment Open for Center On-Farm Team Programs

September 19, 2016Center for Dairy Excellence Hires Roscinski as Communications and Marketing Manager

September 13, 2016: Tours Scheduled to Showcase PA Dairies for Future Dairy Leaders

September 13, 2016: Center and Penn State Host Dairy Transition Workshop

September 13, 2016:  Miller, Gould Headline Dairy Financial Conference

August 24, 2016:  Dairymen’s, PDMP, Center Seek Nominees for Industry Awards

August 24, 2016:  Center for Dairy Hosts On-Farm Processing Forum

August 23, 2016:  CDE Foundation Urges Industry to Promote Dairy Education Programs for 2016-17 School Year

August 22, 2016:  Inaugural Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Student Scholarship Recipient Named

August 15, 2016:  CDE Foundation & PA Dairymen’s Name Scholarship Winners

July 19, 2016: Registration Information Available for Dairy Financial Conference

July 19, 2016: Facilitator Focus Groups Begin Next Week

July 6, 2016: Facilitator Focus Groups Planned This Month, Early August 

July 6, 2016:  Application for Consultant Grant Waived Through September

June 27, 2016:  Dairymen’s Association, Center Offer Scholarships for Young Dairy Leaders Institute Class 10

June 14, 2016: Center, Penn State Host Facilitator Focus Groups

June 13, 2016: Protecting Your Profit Call to be Held June 22, 2016

May 31, 2016:  Center Waives Application Fee for Dairy Decision Program in June

May 31, 2016:  Center for Dairy Excellence Names Sebright as Executive Director

May 23, 2016:  Center Offers Scholarships for Economic Reset Webinars 

May 23, 2016:  CDE Foundation, PA Dairymen’s Scholarship Application Deadline Approaching

May 17, 2016: Protecting Your Profits Call May 25

May 5, 2016:  Partnerships Enhance Next Generation Resources in Dairy

May 3, 2016:  CDE Foundation, PA Dairymen’s Scholarship Deadline Fast Approaching

May 3, 2016:  Center Roundtable Meetings Begin Next Week

May 3, 2016:  Save the Date! Dairy Financial and Risk Management Conference to Offer Financial Insight to Increase Profitability

April 25, 2016:  Center for Dairy Excellence Highlights Effective Change

April 19, 2016:  Industry Professionals Invited to Roundtable Meetings Hosted by Center

April 19, 2016:  Dairy Leaders Attendees More Than Doubles for 2016 Farm Tour

April 19, 2016:  CDE Foundation, PA Dairymen’s to Now Offer Ten $3,000 Student Leader Scholarships

April 19, 2016:  Protecting Your Profit Call to be Held April 27

April 5, 2016:  Center for Dairy Excellence Seeks New Executive Director

March 14, 2016:  Registration Deadline to Attend Farm Tour Approaching

March 14, 2016:  Protecting Your Profit Call to Be Held March 23