Dairy Information: Markets and Management

The Market & Management Update is a cooperative effort between Farmshine Newspaper, the Center for Dairy Excellence, the USDA Risk Management Agency, and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. The update is authored by Alan Zepp, the center’s risk management program manager, and provides futures and options market data on a weekly basis from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), as well as other market indicators important to your dairy business. Below are recent issues.

April 14, 2017: Markets & Management

CHEESE PRICES: The Class III milk price is the foundation for milk check prices in the U.S. It is calculated from underlying cheese prices each month by USDA to build the Class III portion of the Federal Order price which also becomes the closing Class III futures market price on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. CLICK HERE FOR THIS YEAR’S REPORT


April 14, 2017: Markets & Management

April 7, 2017: Markets & Management

March 31, 2017: Markets & Management

March 24, 2017: Markets & Management

March 17, 2017: Markets and Management

March 10, 2017: Markets and Management