Learn About the Benefits of Dairy

girl with milk glass 10Dairy is the economic driver for the commonwealth’s number one industry, agriculture. The dairy industry generates more than $3 billion annually in on-farm cash receipts, which represent about 37 percent of Pennsylvania’s total agricultural receipts. About 85 percent of a dairy farm’s income is spent locally, and each farm dollar recycles 2.5 times through the community. Learn more.

In addition to their economic contribution, Pennsylvania’s dairy farms also provide other benefits.

  • For Animal Health: Healthy, well-contented cows provide high quality milk. That is why the health of a dairy cow is very important to dairy farms. They care for their cows through providing a balanced diet with an ample supply of fresh water, a clean comfortable place to live, and regular medical care.
  • For Food Safety: All milk, regardless of where it comes from or what is on the label, is extremely nutritious, safe and high-quality. Every drop of milk is tested multiple times throughout the process of farm to plate to make sure consumers are getting the safest, most wholesome product available.
  • For the Environment: Dairy producers take good care of the environment, providing wide open spaces in the form of farmland and recycling water and nutrients to conserve resources on their farm. Environmental practices on the farm are tightly regulated, and most farms meet and exceed those regulations.
  • For Our Good Health: In Pennsylvania, we are fortunate to have an abundant supply of fresh, wholesome dairy foods. Chances are the milk you purchase – whether in a grocery store or at a farm market – came from a farm less than 100 miles away from the store.