Safety Corner

June: Follow Ladder Safety

Ladders are a common source of accidents, and farms are no exception.

A producer recently shared this story that most of us can relate to. The situation was that he needed to reach a fan to repair it, and it was roughly two feet above his reach.  He got a four-foot step ladder, and thought that would be enough. He started out standing about mid-way up the ladder. From there he could reach the fan, but not quite the part that he needed. So, he moved up one step, but still needed a little more elevation.

At this point he had two choices; stand on the very top of the ladder, which he knew was not safe, or go find a longer ladder. He decided on the first one. You can guess the rest.

He lost his balance, and fell the four feet to the ground. Received some painful bruises, but not badly hurt. He realizes he could have fared much worse, and so could any of us who try to do work while balancing on the very top of a step ladder. Better to find a longer ladder, or delay the project until one is available.