Safety Corner

February: Update Lightbulbs to Decrease Fire Chances

Sometimes it can be the unexpected things that cause the most danger.

In January, Zwemmer Dairy Farms, of Elkton, MI, had a lightbulb burst over a pen, which inevitably caused a fire when it landed in straw. Fortunately for their operation, a few herdsman were able to extinguish the fire before it grew out-of-control. They have video evidence of the fire from security cameras.

Zwemmer Dairy Farms commented this on the video’s post: “We have switched all our barns to LED except for this one, which still has the old halide lights. In over 10 years, we have never had this issue, usually they just burn out like regular bulbs. This video is a good reminder to have fire extinguishers on hand as well!”

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