Designated Dairy Decisions Consultants

Here are individuals who have been approved to serve as Dairy Decisions Consultants for dairy farms enrolled in the DDC program. Those designated with a DDC behind their name serve as financial and business consultants, while those designated with a DDCe behind their name will assist with employee relations. For more information about any of these individuals, call the Center at (717) 346-0849.

Bruce Dehm Bio PicBruce Dehm (DDC) (Agricultural Economist) has over 30 year of experience in the Agriculture industry with a MS degree in Economics & Farming Systems from University of Florida, BS in Animal Science from Cornell University, and AAS in Veterinary Technology from SUNY Delhi. Bruce works with producers every day to help guide them through difficult business decisions based on detailed financial analysis through a consulting service called Dairy Dashboard.  Dairy Dashboard helps producers improve profitability by gaining more control and understanding the financial health of their business on a monthly basis.

Wayne Brubaker (DDC) is a consultant with MSC Business Services, where he has 32 years of experience as a farm accountant and 11 years as a farm consultant. MSC Business Services has performed more than 100 consultations for farms, mostly centered around feasibility studies.

Charlie PhotoCharles E. Gardner, DVM, MBA, (DDC) has extensive experience in dairy herd management and finances.  He has worked with many farms on expansion projects and ownership transitions.  He also has training and experience with family communications and conflict resolution.

Harlan Fricke (DDC) has spent the last 22 years as the owner of AG FIN LLC in New Oxford, where he provides a non-bias business analysis for dairy farm business owners to maximize profits. He was born on a Midwest dairy farm and has 14 years of experience in ag lending.

Mike Hosterman (DDC) is an agricultural business consultant with AgChoice Farm Credit, based in Chambersburg, Pa. Mike specializes in cash flow and viability analysis, cash flow budgeting and developing cash flow plans, and team and business facilitation.


CoreyCory Meyers, DVM, (DDC) is a veterinarian and partner with Mid-Maryland Dairy Veterinarians in Maryland, where they specialize in completing dairy viability assessments  and creating inexpensive, innovative solutions to problems identified through the viability assessment.

Brian Reed, DVM, MBA, (DDC) is a veterinarian and partner with Agricultural Veterinary Associates, based in Manheim, Pa. Brian has 23 years as a dairy veterinarian and ten years of experience in dairy business, expansion, and transition planning, as well as team facilitation experience.

Squires----Collar-Shirt---Half-ResGreg Squires is with Dairy Enterprise Services and has consulted with hundreds of dairy operations in 30 states in areas including expansion planning, business planning and financial projection, procuring bridge and primary financing, production audits, labor management and succession planning. He has been a consultant for over 30 years for businesses across the dairy sector.

Phil Taylor (DDC) is a dairy business consultant with AgChoice Farm Credit, where he specializes in financial accounting and financial business analysis. He also has expertise in analyzing DHI production records for financial performance and conducting forage production economics analysis.

David C. Welch, VMD, MBA, (DDC, DDCe) is a veterinary and dairy business consultant from White Oak Consulting in Berlin, Pa. Dr. Welch’s experience is in developing and writing feasibility and business plan relative to expansions and startups. Dr. Welch’s approach is to tie the biology to the business plan, to ensure that cattle management practices support feasibility of the plan.

Lee Wenger (DDC) is a consultant with MSC Business Services, based in Camp Hill, who has 32 years of experience as a farm accountant and 11 years of experience as a farm consultant. Lee also grew up on a dairy farm.

Rich Stup, PHD (DDC) (DDCe) Rich’s focus is on the people side of business. He coaches business owners and senior managers to become more effective rstup-headshotas leaders, to develop middle managers, and to build teams that enjoy success together. He also consults in team facilitation, business strategy, change management, succession planning, and human resource management. His 20 years of diverse experience as a business owner, consultant, educator, leader, and financial advisor help him to understand clients and design practical, human solutions.

Dave Stutzman (DDC) has experience helping farmers and agri-businesses profitably manage their businesses as a lender with MidAtlantic Farm Credit. Dave works with families to solve problems, offers ideas to make the farm operation more profitable, and helps them find efficient ways to grow. Dave’s experience also includes helping financially distressed families and farm businesses find solutions to revive their businesses and preserve equity. Recently, he became a Dave Ramsey certified financial coach and launched Inspired Financial Solutions, which provides personal finance and farm business consulting services to the agricultural community.

Matt Henderson (DDC) has over 15 years of experience navigating the dynamics of family owned businesses. He has worked with operations from start up, to expansion to developing an exit or transition strategy. Matt works closely with the farm team in developing realistic cash flow, business and budget plans to help build upon their success. With a strong financial background he is able to identify key areas within the operation to focus on for improvement. Matt has also helped numerous businesses walk through the transition process in dealing with all aspects of the transition from financial to the emotional.  Matt lives on the family farm in central Pennsylvania.

Ted LeBow (DDC) is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for financial sustainability and growing entrepreneurs and their teams. He graduated in 1989 from Cornell University School of Agriculture with a business management degree. He has run 11 small businesses, and since 2008, he has grown two small business management consulting firms. Ted is co-founder of Kitchen Table Consultants—a practice that serves sustainable food and farm-related companies. As of 2017, JRI Consulting and Kitchen Table Consultants have served over 200 small businesses.

Noah Munro’s (DDC) passion for food-based entrepreneurship started in 2006 when he co-founded The Mill Fudge Factory and Ice Cream Café in Bristol, New Hampshire. As general manager, he led the business to profitability and grew the business from 0 to 15 employees. His enthusiasm for the entrepreneurial process led Noah to complete his Masters of Business Administration at Babson College in 2014. Over the last few years, Noah has worked collaboratively with dozens of business owners, farmers, and retailers to help them grow their businesses and achieve profitability.