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The center publishes market and industry information regularly to help dairy producers and industry stakeholders stay informed and make better business decisions. This section includes the latest information published by the Center for Dairy Excellence.

Market Information: Just In!



April 12, 2017: Dairy Week in Review

The latest USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) reporter lowered dairy product price forecasts, which in turn decreased projections for the Class III, Class IV and All-milk prices for 2017. USDA expects the 2017 All-Milk price to range from $17.40 to $17.90 per cwt., falling 40 cents on the low and 50 cents on the high. The growing US dairy herd is expected to overcome any slowdown in growth per cow, with the nation’s herd at 9.367 million head in February, the highest since the early 1990s. USDA projected 2017 milk production levels up 2.3 percent from a year ago to 217.3 billion pounds. CLICK HERE FOR THIS WEEK’S REPORT



April 14, 2017: Markets & Management

CHEESE PRICES: The Class III milk price is the foundation for milk check prices in the U.S. It is calculated from underlying cheese prices each month by USDA to build the Class III portion of the Federal Order price which also becomes the closing Class III futures market price on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. CLICK HERE FOR THIS YEAR’S REPORT



Decision-Making Brings New Beginnings

Spring is the season when we celebrate birth and re-birth on our farms and in the world. It’s a sacred time as we celebrate the re-birth of Jesus, and it’s a joyous time as we watch the flowers start to emerge from the ground after it laid dormant and dead-looking over the winter. It is also a time when all farmers are making many decisions. And, just like with spring, each decision we make offers a chance to bring new life and opportunities to your dairy. READ MORE.