Dairy Trend Analyzer Program

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The Dairy Trend Analyzer Program is an interactive web based tool developed as a joint initiative by the University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center and the Center for Dairy Excellence.

In the Dairy Trend Analyzer Program, producers and consultants can register to compare their dairy’s performance indicators with other dairies in a particular group. They can also compare their information to historical trends for their dairy. Data is accessed from DHI records for the Northeast. DTAP uses a downloaded file from PC Dart to obtain a herd’s individual production metrics and peer group metrics.The user can select a peer group (by herd size, organic or other categories) to be used as a benchmark.  The user can then select from over 100 production parameters from various categories, including general, production, udder health, genetics, reproduction, and economics.

To register to use the program, complete the online registration form and submit it to Melissa Anderson at the Center for Dairy Excellence. To contact Melissa directly, call 717-346-0849 or email manderson@centerfordairyexcellence.org.

Click here to access the Online Registration and Release Form for DAP.

Click here to access an instruction manual for DAP.

To access DTAP as a guest user, click here. Once clicking on the link, you will get a prompt to enter a logon and password. Please use “guest” as the logon and “guest” as the password.