Dairy Information: Center Focus Column

Finding Faith in the World

The holiday season is my favorite time of the year because it’s the season when we are all reminded to simply believe.  Whether it is in the greater good of humankind or in a little babe in a manger, this season is the one time in the year when we are willing to look beyond our own frustrations and have faith in what we do not see.

As dairy farm families and those working in agriculture, faith is what pushes us forward despite the challenges we face. Each year we plant crops with faith that the rain will come, the sun will shine and the crops will grow. Every time a calf is born, we feed her and care for her in faith that she’ll one day grow into a productive member of our herd. We have all experienced years when it doesn’t happen that way. And yet, we continue to believe with faith in what the future holds. READ MORE