Dairy Information: Center Focus Column

Foundation Raffle Items

Below are items featured in the Foundation Raffle at the 2016 Pennsylvania Dairy Summit. Booth locations and numbers where the items are located are in parentheses. Tickets are available from Foundation Board Members or at the Registration Desk at the summit for a cost of one for $5, six for $25, or twenty-five for $100. All contributions are considered a tax-deductible donation.

  1. Farm Toy Package, donated by Binkley & Hurst, featuring three toy tractors or combines and guaranteed to make your little farmer’s eyes light up. (Philbro Animal Health Booth No. D-2)
  2. Steel Cow Art, donated by WayHar Farms, perfect for in the living room, kitchen or even your office. (Innovative Dairy Solutions Booth No. S-7)
  3. Dewalt Power Drill, donated by Apple Shamrock Farm, to put more power into your winter maintenance projects. (American Farm Products No. L-1)
  4. Arm & Hammer Gift Set, donated by Arm & Hammer Nutrition: Your laundry never smelled as nice as it will now! (Location: Arm & Hammer  Booth No. C-9)
  5. Penn State Ice Hockey Tickets (your pick of night) with a Boalsburg Steakhouse gift certificate, donated by Evergreen Farms. Get your stomach and vocal cords ready for a night you won’t forget. (SCR Dairy, Inc., No. C-11)
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers Autographed Football, featuring Kevin Beechum’s autograph, donated by Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association, for all you Beechum fans. (Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association Booth No. P-13)
  7. Philadelphia Eagles Autographed Football, donated by Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association, for all of you Connor Barwin fans. (Land O’Lakes Booth No. D-9)
  8. A Weekend Away in Historic Gettysburg, featuring two nights at the Mary Penn B&B and dinner at the Dobbin House, donated by Mary Penn B&B and Alan Zepp. Think Valentine’s Day Surprise!! (Red Dale Ag Booth No. D)
  9. Genomic Testing, either Igenity Select or Igenity Essential, donated by Neogen, can provide valuable information to make key management decisions as young as one month of age. (Merck Booth No. P-15)
  10. Mary Kay Gift Basket, donated by Randy & Paula Meabon. Make yourself or someone you love beautiful. (Lancaster Dairy Farm Automation Booth No. D-17)
  11. Portable air compressor, donated by Hoober Inc. Handy to have around the house or the farm. (Channel Seed Booth No. P-17)
  12. Beautiful Purse, donated by Janice Black, a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. (ST Genetics Booth No. C-12)
  13. Hershey Chocolate Basket, donated by Hershey Foods – guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone’s face, young or old. (Dairy Farmers of America  No. D-21)
  14. Assorted Wine Basket, donated by Melissa Anderson and Jayne Sebright,to relax on a cozy winter evening. (Dairy One Booth No. D-20)
  15. Calkins Creamery Cheese Basket, donated by Calkins Creamery. Yummy, yummy in your tummy!
  16. Dairy & Antique Basket, donated by Vale Wood Farms. Gifts for in your refrigerator and around your house.