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Small business success comes from a combination of hard work and risk taking in the pursuit of your dreams. You don’t have to take those risks alone.

SCORE will give you the support, encouragement and tools you need to build and sustain your farming operation. You can count on the highest-quality service available. SCORE has more than 10,000 business experts provide you with free, ongoing mentoring, sharing real-world advice and know-how. Our mentors come from every business sector and have substantial skills and give you independent insights and best practices from outside the agriculture sector to complement your traditional sources.  Some have worked as executives at Fortune 500 companies, while others were small business owners.

SCORE provides:
– Free advice with an experienced mentor to answer your business questions
– Access all 500 skill sets of SCORE’s nationwide volunteer network
– Support tools and templates to help you reach your goals

SCORE mentors value business privacy. All mentoring is confidential. Based on an entrepreneur’s needs, business mentoring with SCORE can last just a few sessions or evolve into an ongoing mentoring relationship.

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J-Ra Holsteins_SCORE

When I started our Dairy Profit Team, I was worried about including a SCORE representative, who knew nothing about the dairy business, on the team. However, I quickly came to really appreciate Rich’s business background and by working together began to understand that all businesses have lots of similarities. Having a set of eyes from “outside” the dairy business was also good for our team. Most importantly, Rich put together the financials for the dairy and made us look at and discuss the “numbers” at every team meeting. I became more comfortable with this over time, and began using financial estimates to help make decisions. It is very important for any business owner to look at the “numbers” regularly, because they tell the truth about how you’re doing! Lastly, having regular team meetings forced me to spend time thinking about how to make my dairy better and it really worked for me. I would recommend that you include a SCORE representative on your dairy team or just to provide help if you don’t have a team.

                                ~Ephrata Dairyman